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Unplayable, you can't get past the title screen

I tried to run it on Manjaro  Linux XFCE edition. (Arch-based)

The game load the title screen. And that is all, I literally pressed every 105 key on my QWERTZ (!!!)  keyboard and nothing happened.
Clicked with all the 6 buttons on my mouse, but still nothing. The game is unplayable. 



There's no ability to change the WASD cluster. Not everyone uses QWERTY. You should probably, if not going to implement key binding options, at least double bind to the arrow keys.

Game was unplayable for me.


I loaded it up on Linux Mint (Ubuntu/Debian), music and title screen loaded. But couldn't progress pass the title screen. due to keyboard and mouse not working.

Any help would be welcome and/or given.