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Service Bot Unit F155L3 has been activated after many years. The poor DRUDGEBOT machine finds that the power station it was commissioned to service has not seen any maintenance in... a long time. As F155L3 "Fizzle", make your way around the power plant, gather the energy cores, and reestablish power.

The system is running in Backup Power Mode, so you will have to manually power the doors using local emergency switches. Use your Gravity Manipulation Tool to actuate the emergency switch pads and move supplies around the plant.

You have limited battery reserves so make every moment count. Drain all of your energy and you will shut down permanently. There are charging terminals scattered around the facility, however, they are only running on limited Auxiliary power. It is doubtful that they can support more than once charge.

Local scans indicate unknown biodiversity in the vicinity. Mind your steps, for there may be more than just rust and dust in this forsaken place....

F155L3, restore power to the main reactor. Follow protocol. That is all.

WASD or arrow keys to move you character
Left Mouse Button: Activate things you are near
Right Mouse Button: Activate your gravity tool

Mac users take warning: This game requires a two-button mouse! 
Non-Windows users: Your builds have not been tested. They are provided for outreach purposes during the game jam. We apologize for any platform-specific issues that we were not able to account for!


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FIZZLE for Windows x86 28 MB
FIZZLE for Windows x64 30 MB
FIZZLE for OSX/Mac 44 MB
FIZZLE for Linux 48 MB

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